German Settlement Update #19, Thanksgiving 2009




Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men and women; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.  ~E.P. Powell


The German Settlement pioneers made more graves than houses in 1852 yet they were thankful to settle in virgin land between the Big Woods and Hudson Prairie near the St. Croix River way. We have much to be thankful for this year. The Pioneer Grove is cleaner with a picnic table added and more trees dedicated last May. Memorial bricks have been engraved with names of the original 1852 German Settlement settlers as pictured below, but not yet paid for nor set in place. Let’s express our thanksgiving by sponsoring these memorial markers of our forbearers and lift this message.


Thank you Lord for guiding our forbearers to a land of opportunity. Forgive us when we fail to pass it on better than we found it. May you help us to act wisely so that our descendants will bless us for being on the right side of history.


Present day descendants and other friends of the German Settlement are urged to donate generously to more than cover the costs of honoring the pioneers who overcame hardships to pave the way.  After the pioneers bricks pavers are set in place, we will next honor descendants and neighbors who expanded the German Settlement. Contact Charles Garbe 715-386-9243 or about donating memorial stones at $70.00 each.  Please send your checks to Evonne Ganz, Treasurer, 565 County Road U, Hudson, WI  54016.




The 4th annual German Settlement Barn Dance was sweetly serenaded at the start by the Blond Moment, an accordion duet of Diana Oleskow Lubich and Laura Bond. They created a nostalgic ambiance for an authentic German dinner with assortment of desserts. Mike & Eddie, members of the Trigger Happy Band, played a wide variety of familiar dance music, much applauded by the audience.

In addition, the German potato salad of JoAnn Carlson and Martina Büchner’s chocolate cake and sauerkraut were big hits among many other labor of love donations.  Barbara Peterson produced Apple pizza in the wood-fired brick oven for the event.



We thank all who contributed gifts and hours of work to make the 4th annual Barn Dance the most successful yet. The total value of the following was over $2,400.00.


Larson Concrete, Chinese stone lantern, 1017 Highway 35, North Hudson
Family Hair Care, Linda White 1810 Webster St., Hudson, shampoo
Badlands Winter Tubing, Maggie Hall, 783 Badlands Rd., Hudson, 1 day pass
Tires Plus, 1560 Livingston Ave. Suite 101, St. Paul, MN 55118, 24 oil changes
Wal-Mart, 2222 Crestview Dr., Hudson, gift certificate
Tires Plus, 1202 Gateway Blvd., Hudson, 2 gift certificates
Treasures From the Heart, 200 So. Main St. River Falls 55022, gift certificate
Whispering Gardens, 111880 70th St. So., Cottage Grove, MN 55016, gift basket
Bruegger’s Bagel, 131 Carmichael Rd., Hudson, gift basket
Nobles Tire Service, 1426 Hwy 64, New Richmond 54017,  2 oil changes
Capt. Sam’s Sports Bar, 129 Main St. Somerset, WI 54025, gift certificate
Winzer Stube Restaurant, 516 2nd St., Hudson, gift certificate
J.W. Kaladi’s Restaurant, 3250 Heiser St., Hudson, gift certificate
Carbonne’s Pizza, 212 Locust St., Hudson, 2 gift certificates
Family Fresh Groceries, 2351 Coulee Rd., Hudson, gift certificate
P.K. Creations, Mike & Polly Knauf, 300 3rd St. Wausau, WI 54430, box of candy & candy basket

Hudson Golf Course, 201 Carmichael Rd., Hudson,  1-18 holes golf game
Kilkarney Golf Course, 183 Radio Dr., River Falls,  2-18 holes golf games
River Falls Golf Course, 1011 E. Cty Rd. M., River Falls,  2-18 holes golf games

New Richmond Golf Course, 1226 180th Ave, New Richmond, WI 54017,  4 -18 holes
Pine Meadows Golf Course, 1139 Cty Rd. G., New Richmond,  2-9 holes golf games
Brtistol Ridge Golf, 1978 Cty Rd. C., Somerset, WI. 54025,  2-18 holes golf games
Target, 2401 Coulee Rd., Hudson, gift certificate
Sports Club, 601 2nd St.. Hudson, gift certificate
Paddy Ryan’s Irish Pub, 709 Rodeo Circle Hudson, 3 shirts and 2 hats
Art Feyereisen, Hudson, wooden turkey call, handmade and ready to call a big Tom!
Andre & Martina Büchner Family, Hudson, 3 hats
Knoke’s Chocolates, 216 Locust St., Hudson, Tel: 381-9866, 2 gift certificates


Thanksgiving for Barn Dance Improvements

Totals by Years 9-26-09 10-4-08 10-6-07 10-7-06
Total Attendance =   227   197  ca175   154
$ Income from admission donations =   868   621    700   394



As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Old Thanksgiving Song by Alice C.D. Riley


Swing the shining sickle, cut the ripened grain,

Flash it in the sunlight, swing it once again.

Tie the golden grain-heads into shining sheaves,

Beautiful their colors as the autumn leaves.


Pick the rosy apples,  pack away with care,

Gather in the corn ears, gleaming everywhere.

Now the fruits are gathered, all the grains are in,

Nuts are in the attic, corn is in the bin.


Loudly blows the north wind through the shivering trees,

Bare are all the branches, fallen all the leaves.

Gathered is the harvest for another year,

Now our day of gladness, Thanksgiving Day is here.


Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving. ~ Psalm 147


If the only prayer you knew was, “thank you,” that would suffice. ~Meister Eckhart





Early February   Planning Meeting of German Settlement Heritage Society leaders


Late May           Pioneer Grove Annual Work Party and Spring Meeting


Mid-June           Pie and Ice Cream Social at the German Settlement bakery-smokehouse


September 25    Annual Barn Dance at the Ganz farm & dining with comfort foods


September 26    Fall Meeting at the Ganz farm


Keep in touch, mark your calendars and participate. Be a part of history.



Many Thanks to all those who helped restore the Pioneer Grove and the Bakery, while boosting community spirit!


THIS IS AN INVITATION to all interested in preserving German Settlement history and become a GSHS member now.


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