German Settlement Update, #8, April 12, 2008

Dear Friends of the German Settlement,


Please mark your 2008 calendar & bring others to join the following:


May 10 (Sat.)  Pioneer Grove Clean-up & Tree Planting  8:30 a.m. to lunch meeting. We need your help to clear brush and plant trees.  Besides yourself we need shovels for tree planting and a chain saw for clearing dead trees. A wood chipper for branches is needed.  We need help to identify rare indigenous plants and protect from loss. We will start at 8:30 and conclude at noon. A wiener roast lunch will be provided.


Merton Timmerman Memorial Tree Planting

Mert Timmerman holds seeds

of future trees & a legacy.


One of the founding members of the GSHS was Merton Timmerman who spent much of his retirement planting and caring for trees. He grew up on a farm, was a Navy pilot in WWII, an Ag. teacher of vets of that war, a dairy farmer, county board member, church leader, a naturalist, opinion leader, community volunteer, encourager, and source of inspiration. He placed his 73 acres of forest land in the West Wisconsin Land Trust to preserve it for posterity. His 33 acre forest in the German Settlement was originally owned by Peter Yost who was among the founding pioneers of 1852. Many more inspiring details of Mert’s life are found in the book, Tea Man, Tree Man, He Man as told to Diana Oleskow Lubich.

*  *  *

“Even if I knew the world was going to end tomorrow, I’d go out and plant a tree today”

*  *  *


Tree Planting at the Pioneer Grove


Come join us on May 10 (Sat.) as we plant trees in the Pioneer Grove in honor of  “Tree Man” Merton Eugene Timmerman and his community leadership.  We will plant his favorite tree with a stone marker.


    The GSHS board voted to plant a dozen 2″ diameter trees along the walk way at the Grove to replace some of the dead and “weed” trees.  The trees will include white oak, black walnut, sugar maple, white ash, and linden. They will be planted at our work day. We have been lucky to obtain the trees at below wholesale cost to us.  If you would like to sponsor a tree in honor or memory of someone, we will provide a stone engraved marker with the persons name.  The cost will be $190 for tree and marker. Please use the following models for your lettering and spacing:


A sample of paver stones of  pioneer family Nick & Marg.

 Moelter & descendants as laid out in Wanda, MN.


Walk Down Memory Lane in a Small Part of the Big Woods


The Pioneer Grove historical project is for the preservation of this heritage site and a part of the Big Woods ecosystem. The GSHS board and other leaders have suggested we pave, with memorial paver stones, a portion of the pathway leading to the pioneer John Peter Roehl farm house and anew historical marker. Before the Roehl house was built, this area was where our immigrant ancestors built shelters to survive their first year, after landing in Hudson in June 1852. The names of descendants and other friends of the German Settlement will honor those who have paved the way in our lives.


Each paver stone has room for a maximum of three lines of type with 15 character spaces (including letters and spaces on each line). Examples from another German settlement in Wanda, Minnesota are shown above.


We are very grateful to Kernon Bast and family for their vision and donation of this grove to the GSHS, Inc. in Cottonwood South (200 yards south of the junction of Cty. Rd. N & Hilary Farm Road.)


You may order the memorial paver stones from Charles Garbe at $70.00 each and/or

contribute towards a 2” diameter memorial tree at $190 each.

Send your clearly TYPED or PRINTED dedication and checks marked, “German Settlement Heritage Society, Inc.” to: Charles Garbe, 772 County Rd. N, Hudson, WI 54016.


May 15 (Thurs) 6:30 pm Pot Luck Family Picnic. Ample parking is available on a new internal road, behind bakery-smokehouse. Enter from 837 County Road N. Bring food, utensils, lawn chairs, etc. Some tables will be available on a “first come”

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